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    January 2018
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but why?

We have reached the Age of Questioning. Along with the never-ending “why”s, there is a whole spectrum of questions that I think must be solely the domain of the inquiring three-year-old mind. “Mummy, is blue sad?” or “Mummy, did God make hamburgers?”.

Then there are the “what is?” questions … almost always he knows what “x” is, but he still asks and I can only assume he asks for the sole purpose of asking a question. Oh, and possibly my favourite, the subset of “what” questions used to subtly turn the conversation to a new topic of particular interest. “Mummy, what is a treat?” “A treat is something special and yummy to eat” (as he well knows!). “Oh ….. I wish I had a treat”.

The flip side of asking questions is that his proficiency in answering questions is improving at a great rate. (When I say answering questions, I mean providing an answer that bears some relation to the question … rather than his previous random responses). We actually have very complex conversations now, it’s really exciting to watch his awareness and understanding grow.