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    November 2017
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imagine …

Hugo has an imaginary friend. He is an alien. As far as I can tell he has no name, he is referred to as “The Alien”. I have to feed, bath and dress the Alien along with Hugo. I even found some plastic toy bananas in the fridge and when I asked Hugo what they were doing in there, he told me “they’re for the Alien”.

I didn’t actually know he could open the fridge until then, and it didn’t really cross my mind that this might not necessarily be a great thing until he brought an egg (a real one!) to me that he’d retrieved from the fridge. He announced “I’m going to make you scrambled eggs Mum” and I was thinking “as long as it’s not raw scrambled egg all over the rug!”.

He’s really into cooking at the moment so we went to the kitchen to make scrambled eggs. Hugo has a unique method of making scrambled eggs … he basically smashes the egg into the bowl and pulls the shell out afterwards. A bit messy, but all part of the fun.