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    November 2017
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Buzz who?

(an aside … someone once told me “No-one remembers who the SECOND man to walk on the moon was” so of course, I always remember now that it was Buzz Aldrin. I don’t think that was the point that was being made but there you go. In any case, this story is not about that Buzz).

Hugo was recently unwell – nothing serious as it turned out but worrying enough initially for me to take him to hospital to be checked out. Given that we’ve had what feels like months of rain now (yes, how soon we forget that we are actually in drought, and should be thankful for the rain!) it’s been quite a challenge washing clothes and getting them dry – I needed to put a clean shirt on Hugo before we left and I grabbed a clean shirt that he has never worn before, which just happened to have a picture of Buzz Lightyear on it.

Hugo does not like hospitals, he does not like doctors and he ESPECIALLY does not like taking medicine. In order to distract him from his anxiety, everyone we had contact with from the paramedic to the doctors and nurses made a big deal about this tshirt – “Oh, who’s that on your shirt, is that Buzz? Do you like Buzz?” or “To infinity and beyond!” etc etc. Hugo has never seen Toy Story. He has no idea who Buzz Lightyear is. He just looked confused every time someone else started talking about poor old Buzz. It got to the point though, where it was just not worth explaining it again. (You should have seen how excited Hugo got when a little boy in Thomas pyjamas walked past though LOL). What kind of name is Buzz anyway?

(In spite of that though, the staff at the hospital were fantastic. They were so good with Hugo in light of his obvious distress, and they didn’t make me feel like a paranoid mother at all. Hooray for the public health system!).

All better now :)