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    January 2018
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and in other news …

In October, Hugo turned two. I realise I am continually shaking my head saying “Where did the time go?” but really … where DID the time go??

Over the past few months he has developed an obsession a keen interest in Thomas the Tank Engine. I am sorry to admit that he owns far more Thomas Wooden Railway toys than I ever thought would reside in my house. In fact, the night before his birthday we packed up his train set so we could put his presents out for him to find. His ‘big’ present was a euro-trike, and we put a couple of smaller presents in the trike’s basket. When he woke up on the big day, his first reaction was to burst into tears because “trains GONE!! TRAINS!!!!”. Fortunately equilibrium was restored when we hastily constructed a train track and helped him to open his smaller gifts (which handily included a James engine and the Annie and Clarabel carriages).

He loves his trike (‘motor bike’) now, though, and we often take a stroll down the street. I will be glad when he finally gets the hang of pedaling so I don’t have to push him the whole way, although I have a sneaking suspicion he actually already knows how, he just prefers me to do the work for him …

He continues to surprise me with knowledge that he absorbs seemingly from nowhere. This afternoon he was sitting on the floor playing with the Dymo label maker, pressing the keypad and reciting the alphabet :O I didn’t teach him that!