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    January 2018
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back on the bike

I really miss our kangaroo bike.

Today Sophie and I finally got back on the bike (a beautiful velorbis  – real photos of ours to follow eventually. Maybe.) which was less frightening than I thought it would be … *now* I really appreciate the bike lanes and extremely flat terrain of Copenhagen. Just to give it a proper Danish flavour, it was actually raining as well, although hot! and extremely humid. We didn’t go far, just enough to get started again. Sophie loved it, I didn’t hate it 😉 I’ll have to start working out nice quiet street routes to places we go regularly so we can use the bike while Hugo is at school. Hopefully he’ll soon be confident enough on his bike so we can all go together.

I read on the Copenhagenize blog that the lakes are frozen enough to walk on. My first thought was, “that would have saved me so much time taking Hugo to børnehave”. My second thought was, hmm that’s a lot of cold! (Although I’m not entirely convinced at the moment that humidity + rain + heat actually beats snow + cold + dark).