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    January 2018
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the beach, the beach, the beach

On essentially a daily basis since we’ve been home (and in fact, I think at the airport after we landed) Hugo has been asking “Can we go to the beach?” so we planned a trip there today with the cousins (who are the same age as Hugo and Sophie – and gratifyingly, the year away has not dimished the relationships at all, they still love playing together, it’s lovely :)).

The day started dubiously, overcast and a bit of a drizzle as we arrived at the beach … just like a Danish beach 😉 but the kids didn’t care (or perhaps, were just so excited to be at the beach AT LAST that they didn’t notice) and they headed straight for the water.

We had a really nice morning, and because it was overcast, there weren’t many other people there. It was great! It’s good to be home! (Hugo asked, as we were leaving “Can we go to the beach again soon? Tomorrow?” haha).