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    January 2018
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mmm yummy

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t think pulling the empty (!) yogurt tub from the BIN and attempting to eat the dregs is particularly healthy though.

(When I look at this photo I think, what a terrible mother for taking a photo of a crying baby … but really, she was only crying because I took her yogurt away.)

This one was particularly amusing … she fell asleep mid bite, apparently. The really funny thing was that Hugo could not stop laughing at her. “You’ve got a bit of food on your chin”.

This is my favourite. I found some chocolate covered tiny teddies in the cupboard and gave Hugo a few for morning tea. I gave Sophia a mandarin. I guess she wasn’t happy with that. And I didn’t know she could reach the table … or that she knew where the biscuits were … until I realised she’d been too quiet for too long.