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    January 2018
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nine months

Just scraped in at the end of the day :)

Sophia is three quarters of a year old! The last month has been full of achievements. She is pulling herself up and starting to cruise the furniture (although her dexterity is slightly lower than her intentions, so we do have quite a few tumbles). She loves music and ‘dances’ to anything (even my singing, she really is not discerning). She loves to clap and shouts something like “YAAAAAAYYYYY!” which is what we say every time she claps.She loves to eat finger foods such as sandwiches and vegemite toast, rusks and dry cat food (I am less horrified by this than Daddy is … I have distinct memories of eating dry cat food as a child, and quite enjoying it).

We’ve given Hugo some space by putting a safety gate in his room so he can play in there without Sophie “annoying” him. It’s quite heartrending to see her standing up holding onto the gate, watching him in adoration while he plays, all but oblivious to her.

She really misses Hugo the two days he is at preschool, and greets him with a huge grin and babbles away in delight when we pick him up. He is settling into preschool quite well. He will sing songs that I haven’t taught him, and tell me stories in the course of the day but if I ask him specifically “what did you do today?” I get the age-old reply of “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember” or “nothing”.

I guess it’s nearly time to start thinking about Sophie’s birthday. These past nine months have flown by. I get a bit teary and nostalgic when I look at photos of her as a tiny baby, but am delighting in the little girl she is growing into.