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    January 2018
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two beautiful

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get a nice photo of both of them together. It’s just impossible. I must have taken a couple of hundred photos in the last few days trying to get both of them together, smiling (or just not crying), not eating or pulling hair or trying to run away, without a tsunami of drool hanging off the bottom lip or food smeared from ear to ear.

I used to get so annoyed at those childrens photographers in shopping centres who chase you down and try to convince you to have photos taken in what seems to be a fairly obnoxious manner. Now I realise they are being annoying on purpose! They don’t actually want me to say yes! Then they’d actually have to try to photograph my children!! AND THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!

And this one, even though the colour is a bit funny, just because she is so cheeky and I hardly ever catch that in photos because as soon as she sees the camera she puts on her photo face.