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    January 2018
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seven months

Sophia is seven months old. The last month has crept passed us very quickly! We are looking forward to Sophia’s first Christmas although it is Hugo who is really excited by it this year. I don’t think he really remembers much from last year (beyond asking to put the tree up every other week since then). We haven’t really talked much about Santa to him so his understanding of Santa is a bit haphazard. All week he has been shouting out “YO HO HO, MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS” and I keep picturing Santa dressed up like a pirate :)

Sophia continues to get more and more active. She isn’t yet crawling but pulling herself up to her knees (usually as her head crashes to the floor – I once said “Oh, poor Sophie has a melon head” so now every time she does it, Hugo tells me “Sophie just did a melon head!”). She also propels herself forward by digging her toes into the floor and she manages to get where she wants to by rolling and twisting. She is also sitting up (occasionally, and still very wobbly) and has a tooth, which Hugo proclaims is “nice and new and shiny”. I have a sneaking suspicion another one is on the way.