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    November 2017
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babies … (#2)

and our last baby of the furry kind, introducing our little red burmese boy, Louis (many thanks to Tracey at Sarboobie, who also bred our lovely Barney).

When we went to choose our first burmese, we had intended to get a red one (for the disgustingly shallow reason that we thought a red burmese would look great with our russian blue, Nik). Of course, once we got there, Barney chose us (and luckily lilac goes with blue just as well).

Towards the middle of last year we made the decision to move from ‘normal, acceptable pet ownership’ of two cats into ‘bordering on crazy-cat people territory’ of three cats. Then we wanted to wait until we’d been overseas before increasing the fold, and as it happens, Tracey fortunately had kittens ready not long after that so we went and met them … and once again knew from the start that Louis was ‘our’ cat. And of course his colouring fits in perfectly (now if only I could convince the rest of the household that we’d be *complete* if only we had a brown burmese to add to the brood).

He’s been a great addition to the family – the big boys were not too sure at first but they love him now (even though Nik pretends to be above kitten antics if he thinks we are watching).

Hugo in particular loves Louis, and plays with him a lot more than he plays with the big boys. (Although I cringed when I found Hugo ‘rescuing’ Louis from the litter tray last week). The feeling is mostly mutual, although prompted more by the tempting treats Hugo brings than real affection on Louis’ behalf.

(a cat who knows where the good things come from!)

And just to show how big and grown up he’s becoming