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    April 2010
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Powerhouse Museum

We went to the Powerhouse Museum for the first time. At the moment they have a “Back to the 80s” exhibition which was interesting … Hugo now believes that I grew up in a disco wearing really ugly clothes (ok maybe that bit is true). It’s funny how many 80s icons are making a resurgence at the moment. Rubiks cubes, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Ponies …. we can only hope the fashion stays where it belongs in history.

There were other exhibitions we liked as well, particularly the science/experiments, space and steam trains. And I really, really loved the ” …. never done … Women’s work in the home” exhibition, and would have liked to see more of it but I had to leave to go home and do the vacuuming and cook dinner.

On the way out as we walked past the 80s exhibition, I heard a father shouting at a child “If you don’t settle down and start behaving, we are GOING HOME RIGHT NOW!!” and I thought to myself, wow – that’s EXACTLY like I remember the 80s! 😉

Back to the 80s
(I don’t like this cube, it’s too hard to break apart and put back together in colour order … which was, and still is, the only way I can solve the Rubiks cube.)

Easter hat parade


Starting school brings a whole new set of parental responsibilities … such as constructing Easter hat parade hats. I have vague memories of my own childhood wearing a set of bunny ears but when I heard from another mum that the Easter Hat Parade at Hugo’s school was “bigger than Ben Hur” I knew bunny ears weren’t going to cut it.

We left it a bit late to find Easter-y decorations (well, I hadn’t thought so, but the slim pickings left in the shops said otherwise), but we managed to put together a pretty good hat between us.