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bicycle built for three.

We hadn’t been to Cockington Green for a while so we took a quick trip to Canberra last week to hang out with Daddy and take in the sites (again).

Hugo walked into the “holiday house” (serviced apartment) and exclaimed in a voice of hushed awe “Mummy, it’s so CLEAN!” – “Clean compared to what?” – “Our house!”. Hmmmm …

Canberra, like Copenhagen, is nice and flat so bike riding is an achievable pastime. I thought, in the interests of research and practise, I’d hire a bike with a baby-trailer and see how we all went. So, Sophia hated her helmet and spent the whole hour crying and alternating between trying to pull her head off to get the helmet away, and trying to pull Hugo’s head off just to vent her general irritation at the world. Hugo spent the whole time huddled cowering in the corner, arms covering head in an attempt to ward off her flailing arms, half laughing and half crying.

It’s fair to say it wasn’t a raging success.