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She loves me!

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separated at birth?



Special delivery

Cuteness in a box, delivered straight to your door. This week only – two for the price of one.

(Batteries not included).

I’m forever blowing bubbles …

When Daddy came home from a trip to England last year, he brought one of those battery operated bubble blowers from Hamley’s, the best toy store in the world. It’s basically a wheel of bubble blowers attached to a fan so it constantly blows out masses of bubbles. The ultimate in lazy parenting, actually 😉 It is great though, it turns our garden into a bubble wonderland, I don’t hyperventilate trying to blow bubbles, and everyone is happy!

And the reason I love this photo is because every time I try to take photos of him lately I get this look, or a variation on it … the “DO NOT TAKE A PHOTO OF ME” glare.

ouch :(

Getting new teeth hurts!