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    June 2008
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mmm yummy

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t think pulling the empty (!) yogurt tub from the BIN and attempting to eat the dregs is particularly healthy though.

(When I look at this photo I think, what a terrible mother for taking a photo of a crying baby … but really, she was only crying because I took her yogurt away.)

This one was particularly amusing … she fell asleep mid bite, apparently. The really funny thing was that Hugo could not stop laughing at her. “You’ve got a bit of food on your chin”.

This is my favourite. I found some chocolate covered tiny teddies in the cupboard and gave Hugo a few for morning tea. I gave Sophia a mandarin. I guess she wasn’t happy with that. And I didn’t know she could reach the table … or that she knew where the biscuits were … until I realised she’d been too quiet for too long.


He’s got a good strong throw, but lacks control with his aim …. this is not a great combination! He is getting better though.

an apple a day …

cute as a button!

 Sophia has just enough hair to scrape into a piggy tail on top of her head. It’s not entirely functional – although it does keep her fringe out of her eyes. Given her aversion to hats and headbands, I was surprised she let me do it, and kept it in all day.

I think her eyes are changing colour, too.

The thing I really love about her walking now is that we can put dresses on her (it’s a bit awkward with crawling).

first steps

first steps

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Hooray! (Apologies for the sideways video)

hair, more or less


This is the haircut. I know it’s not a great picture but I am working with a camera shy child, on an overcast day, using the flash. It was never going to be a good picture. He got to choose a toy after this haircut … since then, more than one conversation has started with “Mummy, next time I get my hair cut, I am going to get a (insert toy of the moment here)”. He went to a birthday party on Saturday for a preschool friend … and since then, several times he has told me “For my birthday in October, I am going to get a Diesel 10”. Okay …   

In contrast we have Sophia, who is cultivating herself a mighty fine toddler mullet!