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    May 2008
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having children is entertaining

but I sometimes strain muscles trying not to laugh.

A variety of comments by Hugo lately:

“Mummy, popcorn is nice and warm, like sand in the desert”.

And on being told to be careful eating some hard food “Mum, I can just crunch it. I have very good teeth you know”.

Last week we had a small electrical issue with one of the power circuits so we didn’t have television for a couple of days. When I picked him up from pre-school on Thursday, the Director told me that he’d asked her to set him up a pretend television and he sat and watched it for quite some time :O

He had a haircut on Saturday (this picture is, obviously, pre-haircut). I am so, SO proud of how good he was for the haircut. It was totally worth the aeroplane we bought him from the hobby shop afterwards. (picture of spunky haircut to come).