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Easter Show

Hugo went to the Show this week. He had a lot of fun! He totally scored on Show Bags (they seem to be SO much better than when I was a child) and he got his face painted

(look familiar?)

He also got to try Fairy Floss (which I think was one of the big draw-cards for him). “Mummy, I had blue. Not pink”.

He made that fairy floss last and last. Until yesterday, when he’d finally had enough.

Thank goodness! … because you don’t want to know what that colour looks like at the other end of the digestive process.

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt, originally uploaded by barnikle.

Pitcher plant 1; snail 0

Pitcher plant 1; snail 0, originally uploaded by barnikle.

ten months

Yes, her hair is getting lighter. She has also finally got another tooth (up the top) so now she’s a three-toothed-rusk-cruncher.

It’s a funny thing … she loves food, and if anyone is eating in front of her they’d better be prepared to share OR ELSE. She will eat toast, sandwiches, fruit – all kinds of things that she needs to chew but if I dare to try and add lumps or thicken her pureed foods she refuses to eat it and gags like I’m trying to choke her. I can easily see her going straight from puree to normal food without any in-between steps.

I haven’t posted many pictures lately

Someone very lovely gave me a really fantastic gift for my birthday, a flickr account! I’m just working out how to use it but it does meant I can load more photos than I show here on the blog. Click HERE to see them. (There aren’t many of the children but will add more as I work out what I’m doing :P)


“Mum, when I grow up I’ll get a dog. And I’ll give the cats to Granny.”


this education was brought to you by youtube

I realised today that parenting in the post-internet world must be easier than in previous generations. Now, instead of heading off to the library in the hope of finding a full-colour illustrated book or video on the life cycle of a cicada for example, we can do a quick search on youtube and have in front of us in seconds, clips on almost anything you can think of. In this way we’ve showed Hugo how clockwork mechanism works, what a cuttle fish looks like when it’s alive (after finding one on the beach), watching a cicada shed it’s skin, explored carnivorous plants in their natural environment with Attenborough … if you want it, there’s probably a youtube about it.

I listened as Hugo re-enacted the Attenborough clip, using a hair clasp as the venus fly trap and demonstrated how to make it close by poking it with a stick, almost script perfect.

However, like everything there is a dark side of youtube that you should beware of. In this case it is the seemingly endless homemade ‘episodes’ of Thomas the Tank Engine, ranging from the clever and quite well done to downright scary! Our favourite is Thomas and the T-Rex … be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart!