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Feed me Hugo, feed me

This is Snappy. She’s a red venus fly trap Hugo got for Christmas. I wanted to call her Audrey, but Hugo thought Snappy was more appropriate.

I wonder why they call it a wondersuit?

Bonds Wondersuits are the quintessential baby outfit for Australian babies. I know from experience that even a boisterous two year old boy suddenly looks like a baby again when you put a wondersuit on him.

The thing with wondersuits, though, is that they are incredibly frustrating to put on. It is almost impossible to slide the fragile curled up monkey limbs of a newborn into the arms and legs fully. Sophia spent her first few weeks with her sleeves and legs hanging uselessly and her hands and feet curled up towards the body of the suit. I remember saying that I should be better at doing this the second time around! (but have since come to realise that no-one ever achieves full success in dressing a newborn, they just grow quickly enough so you think you’re getting better at it).

But that’s nothing compared to trying to get a wondersuit on an active, nearly crawling seven month old! It’s like trying to scoop jelly into rubber gloves using your hands (actually, I’ve never tried that but I imagine it’s on par as a frustrating and difficult task). Sophia seems to have some kind of spring mechanism so that when she is placed on her back she automatically flips over and starts commando crawling away as quickly as she can. And when I finally get all seventy eight four limbs into the right places, I have to try to get all those snaps done up before she’s off again. (There are ten snaps on size 00 and twelve on size 0. It’s a toss up between having the extra size to ease the dressing process vs having extra snaps to do up. The jury is still out on that one).

We recently experimented with Bonds new ‘easy suit’ – so named because there are no snaps, it’s designed with a slit at the back so the top goes on first then the legs slide in, and it’s all quick and easy … or not. The first part was mostly easy. Then I performed a kind of baby origami to get her legs in, that produced at least as much grizzling as doing up the snaps on a wondersuit. And certainly not the kind of activity I’d want to replicate in the middle of the night when I’m 90% asleep. They are very cute though 😉

Maybe they call it a wondersuit because it’s a wonder anyone can ever get them on a baby.

Hugo at five months, too cool in a wondersuit.

Newborn Sophia, with empty sleeves.