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    About a boy named Hugo, a girl named Sophia, and three cats.

speaking of delicious things

it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas …

We made gingerbread men today.

(A funny aside, Hugo loves the ginger girls from Mitchell & Hopkins more than the ginger boys because they have more chocolate on them!)I don’t know why gingerbread men are Christmassy but they are. I don’t know why I enjoy Christmas traditions more now that I have children but I do.

Master chef at work (yes, sucking the icing bag :P)

And the finished product:

for posterity

Sophia’s first tooth (bottom right centre) appeared today! Hooray :)


is the act of attempting to get two small wriggly people to sit still, together, for the few seconds it takes to get a nice photo.Nonetheless, I have this to show for my efforts. (Um, ok, it was a shared effort).

(Look, he’s holding her hand, awww …)

look who’s sitting up