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    November 2007
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but why?

We have reached the Age of Questioning. Along with the never-ending “why”s, there is a whole spectrum of questions that I think must be solely the domain of the inquiring three-year-old mind. “Mummy, is blue sad?” or “Mummy, did God make hamburgers?”.

Then there are the “what is?” questions … almost always he knows what “x” is, but he still asks and I can only assume he asks for the sole purpose of asking a question. Oh, and possibly my favourite, the subset of “what” questions used to subtly turn the conversation to a new topic of particular interest. “Mummy, what is a treat?” “A treat is something special and yummy to eat” (as he well knows!). “Oh ….. I wish I had a treat”.

The flip side of asking questions is that his proficiency in answering questions is improving at a great rate. (When I say answering questions, I mean providing an answer that bears some relation to the question … rather than his previous random responses). We actually have very complex conversations now, it’s really exciting to watch his awareness and understanding grow.

half a year!

I know you will gasp in disbelief (as I am myself) but Sophia is now six months old. It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since our quick trip to the hospital, returning home a few hours later with our lovely bundle. On the other hand, it’s like she’s always been here, completing our little family.

She is getting very mobile and is now competent at rolling both ways. For a couple of weeks it was a frustrating experience until she mastered rolling back again. Now I find that if I leave her on the mat and duck out of the room, as likely as not I will find her wedged under the sofa when I come back 30 seconds later.

She is generally a very happy and sociable baby – she loves being out and watching people, she babbles away to herself, to Hugo, to anyone who happens to be in her field of vision.

Hugo is just getting a small taste of how she will interfere with his games from now on as she will roll over and over in an effort to reach anything (and she does seem to have a preference for his toys unfortunately). Just today he told me “Put her in the rocker!” (in much the same voice he uses when he demands Louis be banished to the laundry). In an effort to keep her entertained with her own toys he will pile her up with rattles and chew toys and teddies until she physically can’t move :)

She also loves being in a standing position and will struggle to stay up as long as someone will hold her. I think she is very eager to be on the move.

She has started eating real food – well, if you can call rice cereal and vegetable puree ‘real’. So far she is very keen on rice cereal, avocado and mashed potato, not so much with fruit puree or other vegetables. She still eats it, just with an expression of bemusement or vague dislike. I had forgotten the messy joy that is feeding a baby. When she has had enough she starts blowing raspberries, usually with a mouthful of food. I vaguely remember Hugo doing the same thing. There is a cruel irony in that now she has stopped vomiting milk as much, she has found another way to cover me in food.

Hugo is somewhat interested in the feeding process – after months of being told “don’t feed her Cheerios!/toast!/crackers!/apple!/etc! – she’s too little to eat it” we are now giving her something other than milk. He was quite keen to help with the feeding for a couple of days but hasn’t offered since she started with the raspberries and spitting it out :)

Eat ’til you’re sleepy …

… sleep ’til you’re hungry