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    About a boy named Hugo, a girl named Sophia, and three cats.

beautiful … and not a boy.

For the first 12 – 18 months of Hugo’s life, I often found myself telling people (strangers, mostly) that no, he is not a girl. One of the cashiers at our local supermarket took quite a lot of convincing, in fact, every time we saw her she would be insistent he MUST be a girl because “look how long his eyelashes are!”.┬áIncidentally, I am finding things have come a full circle now and people are again assuming he is a girl because of his luscious locks.

On Sunday we had yum cha (Hugo’s favourite) and the waiter asked if “she” would like a booster seat. Half an hour later a different waitress was talking to Sophie, who was on my lap and asked me “a boy?”. Given that Hugo was always mistaken for a girl when he was wearing the most boyish outfits, maybe I should start dressing Sophie in Hugo’s old clothes and people will assume she is a girl.

That look in her eyes – that’s her “Oh please, please, PLEASE pick me up!” look. It’s hard to refuse :)

when the first baby laughed …

… for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.*

And a close up of the fairy shoes …

The thought did cross my mind, watching him tromping around in those shoes, I wonder what the Doctors in the ED would think if we ended up there and I had to explain “He broke his ankle because he was dancing in high heeled fairy slippers”.

(*with apologies to JM Barrie).