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The three most beautiful words in the English language …


Hugo is 3 tomorrow. For quite some time now he has been keenly eying off a dolls house in the local toy store.

At first I thought the most difficult part was arranging for Hugo to play at a friend’s house so I could venture to the shops and purchase the gift, without him knowing. And then I opened the flat-packed box with the intention of whipping it together in the ten minutes that both Hugo and Sophia slept simultaneously today. Because, you know, “it slips together really easily” according to the shop assistant – I must have missed the next bit where she said “if you have a double degree in Engineering and Architecture, majoring in using the world’s smallest allen key, with honours in making sense of how eight simplistic line drawings optimistically referred to as ‘instructions’ represent the reality of turning 7,000 individual pieces into the ‘Woodlands Dolls House’.”

Several hours later, we finally have a fully constructed and furnished house, complete with family of six in lovely ‘modern attire’, all wrapped up so that Christo himself would be envious.

Pictures to come tomorrow … and mental note for next year – do not buy anything that does not exclaim in very large letters “NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”.