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    About a boy named Hugo, a girl named Sophia, and three cats.

beautiful … and not a boy.

For the first 12 – 18 months of Hugo’s life, I often found myself telling people (strangers, mostly) that no, he is not a girl. One of the cashiers at our local supermarket took quite a lot of convincing, in fact, every time we saw her she would be insistent he MUST be a girl because “look how long his eyelashes are!”.┬áIncidentally, I am finding things have come a full circle now and people are again assuming he is a girl because of his luscious locks.

On Sunday we had yum cha (Hugo’s favourite) and the waiter asked if “she” would like a booster seat. Half an hour later a different waitress was talking to Sophie, who was on my lap and asked me “a boy?”. Given that Hugo was always mistaken for a girl when he was wearing the most boyish outfits, maybe I should start dressing Sophie in Hugo’s old clothes and people will assume she is a girl.

That look in her eyes – that’s her “Oh please, please, PLEASE pick me up!” look. It’s hard to refuse :)

when the first baby laughed …

… for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.*

And a close up of the fairy shoes …

The thought did cross my mind, watching him tromping around in those shoes, I wonder what the Doctors in the ED would think if we ended up there and I had to explain “He broke his ankle because he was dancing in high heeled fairy slippers”.

(*with apologies to JM Barrie).


Having a blast …

I want to be just like you …

Hugo was given a pair of novelty Harry Potter glasses for his birthday. He doesn’t know who Harry Potter is, so when he opened the present he exclaimed joyfully “DADDY GLASSES!!” (I don’t know how thrilled Daddy will be to know that Hugo thinks his uber-cool eyewear looks like Harry Potter’s glasses). Of course he immediately put them on – because they are so big they give him a slightly cross-eyed appearance, but he was so thrilled with ‘being Daddy’. He wore them for hours.

and finally …

… got our trains back.


must … eat … monkey!


Camellia Gardens

Contemplating the steps …

Contemplating the sky …

rock and roll, baby!

Sophia *finally* rolled this morning. AND Hugo and I both saw it. She has shown no inclination to even try since but WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! ­čśŤ

five months

At five months old, Sophia is babbling all the time – and she is LOUD! (I think she’s trying to compete with her big brother). Speaking of Hugo, she just adores him :) He receives all her best smiles, her most endearing giggles, and 100% of her attention when he is within sight. In return, he is delighted by her too. And very protective, he gets quite agitated when other people hold her for too long, or if he can’t see her.

Sophia is trying really hard to roll over and is sooo close. I have a sneaking suspicion that when she does finally roll, it will be when we are all looking in the other direction.


My toddler is now a pre-schooler.

Sorry no pictures of the Great Unwrapping of the dolls house … in these last few weeks before Daylight Savings starts, the sun, and most children, are out of bed at around 5.30am. Waking up that early does not lend itself to taking great photos. However, one of the things he chose to spend his birthday money on was a tennis raquet. He’s not bad, he actually manages to connect the raquet and ball on more occasions than I do. He did not inherit my (lack of) sporting ability, obviously :)