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    September 2007
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Sweet words of love

At bath-time last night I was in and out of the bathroom getting things organised before putting Hugo and Sophia in their respective baths. Hugo was sitting next to Sophia, crooning lovingly to her, making me smile. “Aww, she’s so cute, she’s lovely” … big pause, I could almost hear him thinking … and then …”but I won’t share my toys with her!”

when I grow up …

I want to be a rock star! (at least he has the hair for it)

Either that, or a Council worker. We walked past some men using leaf blowers yesterday. We were talking about the leaf blowers, Hugo asked “what are they?” “are they dangerous?” and “why are they blowing the leaves?” I was fine until the last question … really, WHY? They blow the leaves from the footpath to the road. What a great concept. Nonetheless, when we got home Hugo found a cardboard tube and one of the vacuum attachments and made his own ‘leaf-blower’. He even put on headphones as ‘ear muffs’. He has a really good imagination :)

four months old!

Where did the time go??

Shiver me timbers!

happy fathers day

Hugo decided we would take Daddy out for yum cha to celebrate. For a child who doesn’t eat anything, he certainly packed away a massive amount, insisting on using chop-sticks. To be fair, he’s about as proficient with chop-sticks as he is with a fork, and of course there’s always fingers when all else fails.

After lunch, we browsed around Borders (book shop) for a while. We ended up buying a new copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as we seem to have misplaced the board book copy Hugo has had since he was a baby. Another shopper gave the advice, “Oh, keep that book. When she gets to school it’s a great, easy costume for Book Week”. Hmmm, after moaning and groaning about it for months and months I have to concede that it’s time to face the music screaming and get that hair cut.

And this evening we had roast lamb for dinner … Hugo ate so much I was watching, slack-jawed, thinking “who are you and what have you done with my child?” I can’t remember the last time he ate two full meals in one day. Not to mention the large serving of Cheerios he ate after dinner, and the crackers and cheese he insisted on before bed.

(The quality of the photo is terrible because I took it on my phone).