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    About a boy named Hugo, a girl named Sophia, and three cats.

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick.

Oh come on, I bet you laughed!


Hugo, hard at play in the sandpit.

There is some kind of synaptic response that says “Brain engaged, tongue out”

And finally, the “I’ve had enough, put the camera away!” look. (I know that’s what it means – because he actually said that to me right before I took this photo :)).


“Put that camera down and pick me up!”

something in the (h)air …

Trains are running late and out of timetable order …

Many weeks ago now, we sent back a variety of recalled Thomas Wooden Railway trains and accessories. This week we received, by way of an apology, a Thomas Lights and Sounds engine, and a nice letter explaining that it will be a possible further 6 weeks until we receive replacements for the original items we returned. None of which, mind you, were of the ‘lights and sounds’ variety. The lights are fine … but the sounds! “chikka chikka chikka …. tooooot toooooot ….. HISSSSSS” combined with the fact that now we have a brand spanking new SPECIAL train means we have a renewed enthusiasm for watching our Thomas DVDs and once you get that song in your head IT NEVER GOES AWAY!On the bright side, the new SPECIAL train seems to have wiped his memory of the original trains we sent back, so when they do finally arrive, we can just wrap them up and give them to him all over again :) The gift that keeps on giving!

the many faces of sophia

Happy three months old my darling girl :)

There were two in the bed …

… and then there was one!

It’s really nice seeing how much Hugo likes to play with Sophia. I was worried that he wouldn’t be particularly happy to share our affections, but for the most part he adores her. He asks me to bring her into his room “to play” and then sends me off – “we’re fine Mum” LOL. One of the first things he asks me each morning is “Where is Sophie?” and when I say (again!) that she’s still sleeping – “can we wake her up?”

“She likes me Mummy, she’s smiling!” :)

I hope he loves her as much once she’s mobile and getting into his things!

tastes like chicken?

“Mummy I love vegebles”

“Really? Which vegetable is your favourite?”


so hungry I could eat my hand!

me myself I

“Can you spell your name? It’s H …. U …. G …. O”

“H …. Me …. G …. O”

Um. Yes, sort of!