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    July 2007
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It’s called a homonym.

(Toddler logic, another lesson in motherhood)

Hugo: Mum, kiss it better!

Mum: Oh, you’ve got a cut. Do you need a band-aid? You can have a Wiggles band-aid or a plain band-aid.

Hugo: …. a plane band-aid!!

Guess who had to draw an aeroplane on a plain band-aid using a permanent marker?

Daddy explained, “It’s a homonym. Two words that sound the same but have a different meaning”. You could almost see Hugo’s brain ticking over, “a homonym? Um, no – it’s definitely a plane!”

further proof of his artistic genius

It is a helicopter, drawn from memory. Given the terrible attempts I make to draw helicopters for him, this is nothing short of amazing.

“it was nice growing up with someone like you –

someone to lean on, someone to count on … someone to tell on” (author unknown)

we made cupcakes

and in the time-honoured tradition, Hugo licked the bowl. When we were growing up, licking the bowl was almost better than eating the finished product. Hugo called this his “cupcake lollipop” :)

Here is a picture of the finished product … actually, these are cupcakes we made a while ago but I didn’t post the picture then so being lazy I thought I’d just recycle this picture. The ones we made this week were kind of the same, only with blue icing. And no decorations.