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    May 2007
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love me, love my cat (part 3)

Who taught him this?

It wasn’t me!

In the interests of equal exposure …

some furry pictures

My child no longer walks …

… he runs on rails. His arms pump like train pistons. His feet shuffle in the best approximation of train wheels he can do. And he answers to the name “Thomas” (or “James”, depending what colour shirt he’s wearing). His constant exhortation is “Mummy … be a train? Mummy, be Gordon!” (yes, Gordon is a big train). Often one of the trains needs to be shunted by the other (this usually involves some amount of bumping into each other, and lots of laughter).

Speaking of laughter, Hugo has developed an odd, hearty laughter that is somewhat more emphatic than a chortle, but less brusque than a guffaw. Kind of like if Santa was a 2.5 year old boy … it’s the kind of laugh that makes you laugh in response, and so he laughs again … and so on. Lots of laughter in our house these days :)

Even something as ordinary as a bucket can induce paroxyms of hilarity.

In fact, an ordinary bucket serves many useful purposes …

(because, you know, it’s not like our lounge room comes fully furnished with comfortable armchairs and sofa).