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    April 2007
    M T W T F S S
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Pardon me?

My 2.5 year old son just told me that I need a haircut!

This, from a boy who has been mistaken for a girl no fewer than three times in the last week or two …

Another thing I love about my mac …

is photo booth, and all the special effects it has. Hugo, in pop art.

Reds under the bed!!

Well, one red, in the chair …

Butter wouldn’t melt …

Love me, love my cat!

“Mummy, Louis is my favourite cat!”

Um, yes … probably because he’s the only one who doesn’t run away when you come near him 😉

fully integrated kitten entertainment system

A couple of times I’ve walked into the laundry to find Louis, spread-eagle on top of the washing machine, enjoying the spin cycle. Of course, by the time I come back with the camera, he has moved – it is also fascinating to watch the water drain down the sink too …”What are you looking at??!!”

(Yes, I should clean the laundry sink.)

Can you spell obsessive?

needs no further explanation :)