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    March 2007
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inside, looking out.

two months??!

This is the general reaction I get from people when they ask “so, how long until the baby is born?” – they are obviously expecting an answer along the lines of “imminently” or “last week” based on the size of this bump. To be honest, sometimes I look at the size of it myself and think “two more months??!!”. It’s pretty big.

How is this for mother guilt? I never took any tummy pictures when I was pregnant with Hugo (given how long it took me to manage this one, trying to focus without dropping the camera I realise WHY I didn’t). Now that I’ve taken this one, I have a vision of him in the future explaining it all to his therapist … “well, it all started going wrong when my mother didn’t take a photo of me in utero …..”

The nuns would tie his hand behind his back …

In spite of my best efforts at arguing against the likelihood of him being left handed – handedness isn’t determined this young, he only uses his left hand because he sees me doing it etc etc – it is becoming apparent that he does indeed favour his south paw.

There is a vague theory about left handed people and creativity, based around right brain dominance or something. Well, I’m not sure about that – but what he lacks in technique he certainly makes up for with his enthusiasm and prolific output :)

(and if you looks closely, you can see the tongue poking out in concentration … he may resemble me in handedness, but he’s otherwise a dead-ringer for Daddy).