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    March 2007
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souped-up cruisin’ super hero

For some weeks now we have been trying to find the Brum friction toy to give Hugo as a gift from the new baby when he or she arrives. We have tried KMart, Target, BigW, Myer, DJs, ABC Shop (several of each of these), a specialty toy/hobby shop in the city, and online. This toy is basically impossible to find … except on ebay, where there is the occasional listing, for a ridiculous amount that I couldn’t even bring myself to bid.

Every time we asked a sales assistant if they stocked the toy they’d get a vague, puzzled look on their face and say “um … I know we’ve had it before … I’m not sure ….”. Eventually someone at an ABC Shop told me there is actually a supply problem to Australia :( and she had no idea when they’d be able to get more. In any case, it explains why there don’t seem to be any, anywhere!

(As an aside, Brum is hardly a merchandising dream character … really, there’s only one character to sell, unlike the several thousand TtTE&F trains – for example).

So we ended up ordering from an online UK store that sends directly to Australia. For only a few more dollars than the shelf retail price in Australia, we received our Brum friction toy car on Friday, just 5 days after placing our order (and that was just normal mail, not air or express delivery). On the other hand, we are STILL waiting for the memory we ordered from a place in Lidcombe – 20 minutes up the road – at the same time …

Now we need to hold out until #2 arrives in about 11 weeks (or so!). Sad to say, the car has already been thoroughly inspected … and not by Hugo 😛