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    February 2007
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an update on spaghetti face

This is another one of those places where I’ll put a link to an old picture when (if) I get around to putting the archives back.

When Hugo stopped eating last year he stopped eating spaghetti too … just recently he asked for it again. He obviously hasn’t been practicing his technique in the meantime. Or, maybe he has 😀

back by popular demand …

(well, by demand at least, if Hugo crying “sandpit, sandpit … want to play in sandpit” for weeks counts as demand) THE SANDPIT (you can just see how much he loves it by the look on his face 😛 )

… the ‘Daddy’ concentrating look, it’s serious work you know.

(and this one is just because I really like this lens – the detail in the original picture is amazing)

just because it’s such an unusual sight around here

We had actual RAIN! Our dam levels went UP for the first time in … a long time.
This is the view from our front window.

See, we really DO like each other!


I love to hear …

“Look Mummy – stripy yellow spider”

I think it’s actually a St Andrews Cross … and while I am not a big fan of spiders, this one lives outside and catches lots of insects so it can stay.