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    November 2006
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and even more gratuitous holiday photos

I cannot promise this will be the last gratuitous holiday photos post … because there are more yet. Fortunately most of them are of the “boring holiday photography of old buildings” genre and you can probably get the idea by reading any random travel guide so I won’t inflict those on you (for some reason almost all our Barcelona and Florence photos fall into this category). The following, however, are very special photos because Hugo is in (most of) them :)

One more from Italy – Hugo eating spaghetti in Venice …

And a couple from Paris … this wasn’t the first time we had been to Paris (well, it was Hugo’s first time). We went in (northern) winter in 2000. Because the weather was basically cold and miserable then, we weren’t overly surprised when we couldn’t see the wonderful (so I’m told) view from Sacre Coeur. This trip, with the beautiful European summer weather, clear blue skies and blazing sunshine, we were sure we’d be in for a treat when we made it back. Unfortunately we must have chosen the only hazy/overcast day of the month to make the trek up those steep, steep stairs. Once again … no view. Be warned, if we ever happen to be in Paris at the same time as you, don’t visit Montmartre with us, we are cursed. Nonetheless, Hugo enjoyed it (probably because he was carried up the stairs).

One without Hugo … the flamingos at Paris Zoo. As we entered the zoo, the attendant uttered an unintelligible (to me) phrase in French. When we looked bemused, he repeated in English “No tigers, no elephants, no bears. Okay?”. Apparently they are in the process of building a new zoo and the animals are slowly being moved (at least, I *think* that’s what’s happening). In any case, we had fun at the zoo. The dwarf goats were very friendly and Hugo loved them, and he thought the vultures were hilarious for some reason. In fact, I think we all enjoyed it more than the Woburn Safari Park in England (which was ridiculously overcrowded so it was v-e-r-y slow, and quite boring. And they also advise on their tickets that you aren’t allowed to publicly share photos taken in the park. Hmmph). Anyway, we took a photo of the flamingos because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the flesh (feather?) before, and I thought they were pretty :)