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    November 2006
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waving, not drowning?

He looks like he’s enjoying it so much … diving is actually his least favourite swimming activity.

and even more gratuitous holiday photos

I cannot promise this will be the last gratuitous holiday photos post … because there are more yet. Fortunately most of them are of the “boring holiday photography of old buildings” genre and you can probably get the idea by reading any random travel guide so I won’t inflict those on you (for some reason almost all our Barcelona and Florence photos fall into this category). The following, however, are very special photos because Hugo is in (most of) them :)

One more from Italy – Hugo eating spaghetti in Venice …

And a couple from Paris … this wasn’t the first time we had been to Paris (well, it was Hugo’s first time). We went in (northern) winter in 2000. Because the weather was basically cold and miserable then, we weren’t overly surprised when we couldn’t see the wonderful (so I’m told) view from Sacre Coeur. This trip, with the beautiful European summer weather, clear blue skies and blazing sunshine, we were sure we’d be in for a treat when we made it back. Unfortunately we must have chosen the only hazy/overcast day of the month to make the trek up those steep, steep stairs. Once again … no view. Be warned, if we ever happen to be in Paris at the same time as you, don’t visit Montmartre with us, we are cursed. Nonetheless, Hugo enjoyed it (probably because he was carried up the stairs).

One without Hugo … the flamingos at Paris Zoo. As we entered the zoo, the attendant uttered an unintelligible (to me) phrase in French. When we looked bemused, he repeated in English “No tigers, no elephants, no bears. Okay?”. Apparently they are in the process of building a new zoo and the animals are slowly being moved (at least, I *think* that’s what’s happening). In any case, we had fun at the zoo. The dwarf goats were very friendly and Hugo loved them, and he thought the vultures were hilarious for some reason. In fact, I think we all enjoyed it more than the Woburn Safari Park in England (which was ridiculously overcrowded so it was v-e-r-y slow, and quite boring. And they also advise on their tickets that you aren’t allowed to publicly share photos taken in the park. Hmmph). Anyway, we took a photo of the flamingos because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the flesh (feather?) before, and I thought they were pretty :)

Hugo the Intrepid, part 2.

Subtitle: More gratuitous holiday pictures.The gelato really does taste better in Rome!

Roman bath … Hugo-style

Exploring the Colosseum … his first impressions? “Mummy, broken. Fix it?”

and in other news …

In October, Hugo turned two. I realise I am continually shaking my head saying “Where did the time go?” but really … where DID the time go??

Over the past few months he has developed an obsession a keen interest in Thomas the Tank Engine. I am sorry to admit that he owns far more Thomas Wooden Railway toys than I ever thought would reside in my house. In fact, the night before his birthday we packed up his train set so we could put his presents out for him to find. His ‘big’ present was a euro-trike, and we put a couple of smaller presents in the trike’s basket. When he woke up on the big day, his first reaction was to burst into tears because “trains GONE!! TRAINS!!!!”. Fortunately equilibrium was restored when we hastily constructed a train track and helped him to open his smaller gifts (which handily included a James engine and the Annie and Clarabel carriages).

He loves his trike (‘motor bike’) now, though, and we often take a stroll down the street. I will be glad when he finally gets the hang of pedaling so I don’t have to push him the whole way, although I have a sneaking suspicion he actually already knows how, he just prefers me to do the work for him …

He continues to surprise me with knowledge that he absorbs seemingly from nowhere. This afternoon he was sitting on the floor playing with the Dymo label maker, pressing the keypad and reciting the alphabet :O I didn’t teach him that!

Hugo the Intrepid

On our *ahem* recent (ok, it would be recent if I’d updated barnikle sooner) trip to the UK and Europe, Hugo had the time of his life exploring the wonders of the Ancient (and not so ancient) world.

I will admit that before we left, I was literally having two or three nightmares a week about travelling with an almost two year old, but he took to travel like he’d been born to it – which I suppose he almost was, given his first long-haul trip was when he was a month old (a mother’s note – it is MUCH easier to travel with a newborn than a toddler 😉 ).

In fact, it all went so swimmingly, that we plan to go again in July 08 … (yes, you can email me and tell me I’m crazy!)

First stop – Rome!

St Peter’s square … where Hugo and his Thomas the Tank Engine had lots of fun playing on the ‘train tracks’ (cobblestones). Rome was hot and wonderful, and had DELICIOUS gelato … I think Hugo’s most uttered phrase since we’ve been home is “ice-cream please!”

Also in Vatican City … Rome has many water fountains all over the city. The water is of drinking quality, but just as much fun to splash in to cool down.

The forums in Ancient Rome … by this stage, Hugo was still going strong (Mummy was a bit over it … she decided she prefers internet forums, where you can sit in the comfort of your own lounge-room and don’t have to climb a billion stairs at the end).

In Venice now, riding on the lion statue … San Marco square. Venice was beautiful and vibrant (although Mummy got several more grey hairs worrying about Hugo jumping in canals, and carrying the stroller over the small bridges). Sadly the gelato in Venice was not quite as yummy as Rome :(

And lastly, Hugo standing on a typical bridge in Venice (actually on the island of Murano, where they make the coloured glass).