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    January 2018
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hair, growing


hair, gone!

World's Greatest Shave - hair gone

On Saturday I had my hair shaved off (to a #1) to raise money for the World’s Greatest Shave. Hugo and Sophia supported me by having their hair sprayed with colours (a bit difficult to see in the picture above). From a purely practical perspective, I really like it – it’s absolutely low maintenance 😀 I’m not very keen on the look, so it’s not likely I’ll ever do it again, but I’m not as bereft about losing my hair as I thought I might be. I don’t actually mind that much … my biggest concern – that the children wouldn’t like it – was unfounded. They both tell me they like it and it looks good (haha!), and from Sophie “It looks like Daddy’s hair!” (which is intended as a compliment).

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me and others for the World’s Greatest Shave.

World’s Greatest Shave

The World’s Greatest Shave is the Leukemia Foundation’s major fundraiser in Australia each year.

This year I’ve decided to participate … yes, actually shaving my head. I was flicking through some blogs a couple of weeks ago, while contemplating the unfortunate state of my hair, and when I read a post about the World’s Greatest Shave, the answer seemed clear to me.

I have some worries … mostly, that the children will just freak out when they see it … and some superficial concerns. But in the end it’s just hair, and it will grow back. And it’s a really good cause!

So if you want to sponsor me, please do! RIGHT HERE

Otherwise, if you happen to see me in the next few months and wonder about my hair, spare a thought for those people who through no choice of their own have to deal with baldness (and much worse) as a result of treatment for leukemia and other cancers.

And so … here is my hair, soon to be gone. (Please be kind, it goes against every bone in my body to actually take a photo of myself, let alone post it publicly for the world to see).