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Easter hat parade


Starting school brings a whole new set of parental responsibilities … such as constructing Easter hat parade hats. I have vague memories of my own childhood wearing a set of bunny ears but when I heard from another mum that the Easter Hat Parade at Hugo’s school was “bigger than Ben Hur” I knew bunny ears weren’t going to cut it.

We left it a bit late to find Easter-y decorations (well, I hadn’t thought so, but the slim pickings left in the shops said otherwise), but we managed to put together a pretty good hat between us.

It’s hard to be the one left behind.

Today is Hugo’s first day at school, proper ‘big’ school. How did he get to be five already? Where did those years go?

We have had the usual anxieties in the lead up to school starting (mostly mine … will he be able to open his lunch box? will he know to eat his morning tea at morning tea, and lunch at lunch? will his new shoes hurt? will he get lost? will he be happy?). On Monday he had his Best Start Assessment with one of his teachers (it’s a job-share position for his class), and I was waiting in the playground while he was inside when all of the older kids came out for lunch. It was chaotic, and all I could think was “how can I send him off on his own to deal with this?!” which is kind of crazy, because he was at børnehave in Denmark 5 days a week, and Kindergarten isn’t *that* different.

When we arrived at school this morning, we met his other teacher and he settled straight in and found an activity to do. Sophie on the other hand fell apart. She has been quite teary all week when we’ve talked about Hugo going to school, and today she was devastated that she couldn’t stay with him. It was really quite emotional :( In the end we decided to go and get a smiley face biscuit from the bakery to feed her grieving soul, which helped a little bit.

In a couple of hours we’ll pick him up again, and then we’ll come home and set up his facebook account* so he can keep up with all his new friends 😉

first day - happy

* No, we won’t really set him up a facebook account. That was a joke.

the beach, the beach, the beach

On essentially a daily basis since we’ve been home (and in fact, I think at the airport after we landed) Hugo has been asking “Can we go to the beach?” so we planned a trip there today with the cousins (who are the same age as Hugo and Sophie – and gratifyingly, the year away has not dimished the relationships at all, they still love playing together, it’s lovely :)).

The day started dubiously, overcast and a bit of a drizzle as we arrived at the beach … just like a Danish beach 😉 but the kids didn’t care (or perhaps, were just so excited to be at the beach AT LAST that they didn’t notice) and they headed straight for the water.

We had a really nice morning, and because it was overcast, there weren’t many other people there. It was great! It’s good to be home! (Hugo asked, as we were leaving “Can we go to the beach again soon? Tomorrow?” haha).

some things are worth writing, just so you can remember them later.

Hugo, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, laughing crazily at his eyebrows.

“Mummy, they’re just like hair!”


“Mummy, imagine if a giant piece of corn crashed through our roof into the house!”

Yes, imagine!

Development of a SNAG

A month or so ago, I was talking to one of the other mums at the park after preschool. She described seeing Hugo in the ‘home corner’ (play kitchen area), attired in a lovely pink dress, serving breakfast to several of the other boys – all similarly attired.

Last weekend, Hugo had a sleepover at Aunty Livvy’s house. We arrived in time for her Tupperware/Nutrimetics party. He was quite keen on “plastic bowls”, he informed me. Later, after we’d left him there, he had a mini-facial from the nutrimetics lady, who he described as “beautiful”.

Last night, he was playing with a random assortment of toys and told me “this one is lipstick, Mum”. “Ok. What do you use lipstick for?”. “It’s to put on the cats” ….. hmm ok, it’s a work in progress 😉

hair, more or less


This is the haircut. I know it’s not a great picture but I am working with a camera shy child, on an overcast day, using the flash. It was never going to be a good picture. He got to choose a toy after this haircut … since then, more than one conversation has started with “Mummy, next time I get my hair cut, I am going to get a (insert toy of the moment here)”. He went to a birthday party on Saturday for a preschool friend … and since then, several times he has told me “For my birthday in October, I am going to get a Diesel 10”. Okay …   

In contrast we have Sophia, who is cultivating herself a mighty fine toddler mullet!

having children is entertaining

but I sometimes strain muscles trying not to laugh.

A variety of comments by Hugo lately:

“Mummy, popcorn is nice and warm, like sand in the desert”.

And on being told to be careful eating some hard food “Mum, I can just crunch it. I have very good teeth you know”.

Last week we had a small electrical issue with one of the power circuits so we didn’t have television for a couple of days. When I picked him up from pre-school on Thursday, the Director told me that he’d asked her to set him up a pretend television and he sat and watched it for quite some time :O

He had a haircut on Saturday (this picture is, obviously, pre-haircut). I am so, SO proud of how good he was for the haircut. It was totally worth the aeroplane we bought him from the hobby shop afterwards. (picture of spunky haircut to come).

this education was brought to you by youtube

I realised today that parenting in the post-internet world must be easier than in previous generations. Now, instead of heading off to the library in the hope of finding a full-colour illustrated book or video on the life cycle of a cicada for example, we can do a quick search on youtube and have in front of us in seconds, clips on almost anything you can think of. In this way we’ve showed Hugo how clockwork mechanism works, what a cuttle fish looks like when it’s alive (after finding one on the beach), watching a cicada shed it’s skin, explored carnivorous plants in their natural environment with Attenborough … if you want it, there’s probably a youtube about it.

I listened as Hugo re-enacted the Attenborough clip, using a hair clasp as the venus fly trap and demonstrated how to make it close by poking it with a stick, almost script perfect.

However, like everything there is a dark side of youtube that you should beware of. In this case it is the seemingly endless homemade ‘episodes’ of Thomas the Tank Engine, ranging from the clever and quite well done to downright scary! Our favourite is Thomas and the T-Rex … be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart!

You know your three year old is smarter than you when …

… you have conversations like:

Mummy, what’s a meteor?”

It’s a kind of star, I think”

“No, it’s not! It’s a ROCK in SPACE!”

or “Mummy, what’s a good name for a cat?”

“What about Nik or Louis or Barney? Or Chairman Meow? Pussolini? What about Sinbad?”

NO! Sinbad is NOT a cat, he’s a PIRATE.”

nine months

Just scraped in at the end of the day :)

Sophia is three quarters of a year old! The last month has been full of achievements. She is pulling herself up and starting to cruise the furniture (although her dexterity is slightly lower than her intentions, so we do have quite a few tumbles). She loves music and ‘dances’ to anything (even my singing, she really is not discerning). She loves to clap and shouts something like “YAAAAAAYYYYY!” which is what we say every time she claps.She loves to eat finger foods such as sandwiches and vegemite toast, rusks and dry cat food (I am less horrified by this than Daddy is … I have distinct memories of eating dry cat food as a child, and quite enjoying it).

We’ve given Hugo some space by putting a safety gate in his room so he can play in there without Sophie “annoying” him. It’s quite heartrending to see her standing up holding onto the gate, watching him in adoration while he plays, all but oblivious to her.

She really misses Hugo the two days he is at preschool, and greets him with a huge grin and babbles away in delight when we pick him up. He is settling into preschool quite well. He will sing songs that I haven’t taught him, and tell me stories in the course of the day but if I ask him specifically “what did you do today?” I get the age-old reply of “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember” or “nothing”.

I guess it’s nearly time to start thinking about Sophie’s birthday. These past nine months have flown by. I get a bit teary and nostalgic when I look at photos of her as a tiny baby, but am delighting in the little girl she is growing into.