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She’s a Daddy’s girl.


What a princess

A bunny rabbit for MY DADDY

back on the bike

I really miss our kangaroo bike.

Today Sophie and I finally got back on the bike (a beautiful velorbis  – real photos of ours to follow eventually. Maybe.) which was less frightening than I thought it would be … *now* I really appreciate the bike lanes and extremely flat terrain of Copenhagen. Just to give it a proper Danish flavour, it was actually raining as well, although hot! and extremely humid. We didn’t go far, just enough to get started again. Sophie loved it, I didn’t hate it 😉 I’ll have to start working out nice quiet street routes to places we go regularly so we can use the bike while Hugo is at school. Hopefully he’ll soon be confident enough on his bike so we can all go together.

I read on the Copenhagenize blog that the lakes are frozen enough to walk on. My first thought was, “that would have saved me so much time taking Hugo to børnehave”. My second thought was, hmm that’s a lot of cold! (Although I’m not entirely convinced at the moment that humidity + rain + heat actually beats snow + cold + dark).

Happy New Year!

Once you have children, staying up until midnight loses some of it’s allure when you realise children will wake up at day break, no matter what (unless that’s just *my* children). I didn’t let the children stay up, not even for the 9pm fireworks. We celebrated the next day instead, catching up with family for a barbeque.

Sophie, thwarted from wearing all her finery to usher in the New Year, decided to wear it *all* the next day. She looks BEAUTIFUL! (She told us so!).

the beach, the beach, the beach

On essentially a daily basis since we’ve been home (and in fact, I think at the airport after we landed) Hugo has been asking “Can we go to the beach?” so we planned a trip there today with the cousins (who are the same age as Hugo and Sophie – and gratifyingly, the year away has not dimished the relationships at all, they still love playing together, it’s lovely :)).

The day started dubiously, overcast and a bit of a drizzle as we arrived at the beach … just like a Danish beach 😉 but the kids didn’t care (or perhaps, were just so excited to be at the beach AT LAST that they didn’t notice) and they headed straight for the water.

We had a really nice morning, and because it was overcast, there weren’t many other people there. It was great! It’s good to be home! (Hugo asked, as we were leaving “Can we go to the beach again soon? Tomorrow?” haha).

one day when she’s a famous artist

this will be worth money.

At the moment though, I’m wondering how long it will take to wear off her skin. We’ve gone through all the easy-to-wash Crayola textas, and finding her sucking the ink out of the nibs was how the “NO MORE TEXTAS” rule came into play. This must have been a secret stash left in the art box.

All I can say is, the rest of her is just as beautifully decorated.

it’s Movember!

Does a chocolate yogo mo count?

(Subtitled: guess who is trying to be independent and feed themselves?)

cute as a button!

 Sophia has just enough hair to scrape into a piggy tail on top of her head. It’s not entirely functional – although it does keep her fringe out of her eyes. Given her aversion to hats and headbands, I was surprised she let me do it, and kept it in all day.

I think her eyes are changing colour, too.

The thing I really love about her walking now is that we can put dresses on her (it’s a bit awkward with crawling).

hair, more or less


This is the haircut. I know it’s not a great picture but I am working with a camera shy child, on an overcast day, using the flash. It was never going to be a good picture. He got to choose a toy after this haircut … since then, more than one conversation has started with “Mummy, next time I get my hair cut, I am going to get a (insert toy of the moment here)”. He went to a birthday party on Saturday for a preschool friend … and since then, several times he has told me “For my birthday in October, I am going to get a Diesel 10”. Okay …   

In contrast we have Sophia, who is cultivating herself a mighty fine toddler mullet!

sharing love and laughter and cuddles for a whole year!

And what a year! We’ve had ups and downs and lots of laughs, and all of a sudden we’ve reached this milestone. It feels like yesterday and forever ago that you were brand new.

You have started standing up on purpose, and you seem quite impressed with yourself for doing it, but still haven’t taken that first step. Your love of music is becoming more and more apparent as you delight in dancing along to anything with a vague melody (even awful top 20 stuff on the radio) … you laugh joyfully when we sing your favourite “”Hello” song and do all the actions.

There is no doubt at all that Hugo is the centre of your universe. You follow him all day long, usually prompting cries of “Sophie’s BUGGING ME Mum!” I continue to be surprised how different and then again, how similar you and he are.

And so I keep remembering your birth day, your special story about the day you were born, and I wonder if I will think of it every year, preserving and treasuring it in my heart. One day when you’re bigger I’ll tell it to you, how amazing and special that moment of your arrival was, the feeling of joy in the room, in our hearts as we just stared at you in awe and thankfulness.

Thank you for a great year, little girl … I hope we have as much fun for the next year!

nine months

Just scraped in at the end of the day :)

Sophia is three quarters of a year old! The last month has been full of achievements. She is pulling herself up and starting to cruise the furniture (although her dexterity is slightly lower than her intentions, so we do have quite a few tumbles). She loves music and ‘dances’ to anything (even my singing, she really is not discerning). She loves to clap and shouts something like “YAAAAAAYYYYY!” which is what we say every time she claps.She loves to eat finger foods such as sandwiches and vegemite toast, rusks and dry cat food (I am less horrified by this than Daddy is … I have distinct memories of eating dry cat food as a child, and quite enjoying it).

We’ve given Hugo some space by putting a safety gate in his room so he can play in there without Sophie “annoying” him. It’s quite heartrending to see her standing up holding onto the gate, watching him in adoration while he plays, all but oblivious to her.

She really misses Hugo the two days he is at preschool, and greets him with a huge grin and babbles away in delight when we pick him up. He is settling into preschool quite well. He will sing songs that I haven’t taught him, and tell me stories in the course of the day but if I ask him specifically “what did you do today?” I get the age-old reply of “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember” or “nothing”.

I guess it’s nearly time to start thinking about Sophie’s birthday. These past nine months have flown by. I get a bit teary and nostalgic when I look at photos of her as a tiny baby, but am delighting in the little girl she is growing into.