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separated at birth?



Special delivery

Cuteness in a box, delivered straight to your door. This week only – two for the price of one.

(Batteries not included).

I’m forever blowing bubbles …

When Daddy came home from a trip to England last year, he brought one of those battery operated bubble blowers from Hamley’s, the best toy store in the world. It’s basically a wheel of bubble blowers attached to a fan so it constantly blows out masses of bubbles. The ultimate in lazy parenting, actually 😉 It is great though, it turns our garden into a bubble wonderland, I don’t hyperventilate trying to blow bubbles, and everyone is happy!

And the reason I love this photo is because every time I try to take photos of him lately I get this look, or a variation on it … the “DO NOT TAKE A PHOTO OF ME” glare.

ouch :(

Getting new teeth hurts!

mmm yummy

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t think pulling the empty (!) yogurt tub from the BIN and attempting to eat the dregs is particularly healthy though.

(When I look at this photo I think, what a terrible mother for taking a photo of a crying baby … but really, she was only crying because I took her yogurt away.)

This one was particularly amusing … she fell asleep mid bite, apparently. The really funny thing was that Hugo could not stop laughing at her. “You’ve got a bit of food on your chin”.

This is my favourite. I found some chocolate covered tiny teddies in the cupboard and gave Hugo a few for morning tea. I gave Sophia a mandarin. I guess she wasn’t happy with that. And I didn’t know she could reach the table … or that she knew where the biscuits were … until I realised she’d been too quiet for too long.


He’s got a good strong throw, but lacks control with his aim …. this is not a great combination! He is getting better though.

an apple a day …

first steps

first steps

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Hooray! (Apologies for the sideways video)

llama llama duck

We went to Symbio again last weekend.

The duck was scary! At first I thought he was cute and tame as he waddled up close, until he started a frenzied attack on my shoes :O Admittedly, these are shoes that smell so bad that I have to keep them outside, so I probably had no business wearing them out in public. I guess he took offense at the smell … or maybe he took a liking to it, and was looking for a mid morning snack. Either way, we got out of his way pretty quickly.

Sugar and spice? (Eleven months)

Sugar and spice and everything nice. Or dirt and muck and everything yuck. She has lunch on her t-shirt, she’s eating sand and she could do with having her nose wiped 😉

At the risk of repeating myself (again) – wow, she’s so nearly one!