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hair, gone!

World's Greatest Shave - hair gone

On Saturday I had my hair shaved off (to a #1) to raise money for the World’s Greatest Shave. Hugo and Sophia supported me by having their hair sprayed with colours (a bit difficult to see in the picture above). From a purely practical perspective, I really like it – it’s absolutely low maintenance 😀 I’m not very keen on the look, so it’s not likely I’ll ever do it again, but I’m not as bereft about losing my hair as I thought I might be. I don’t actually mind that much … my biggest concern – that the children wouldn’t like it – was unfounded. They both tell me they like it and it looks good (haha!), and from Sophie “It looks like Daddy’s hair!” (which is intended as a compliment).

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me and others for the World’s Greatest Shave.

Sophie dancing

Sophie dancing

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We are in Copenhagen

and we have a special blog all about our adventures, and misadventures, there … at http:barnikle.com/12mths .

we will miss the beach

cupcakes? what cupcakes?

Props from Cupcakes on Pitt .

I’m turning into my mother …

It’s insidious. At first it’s just a phrase here or a tone of voice there, then one day you have whole conversations that echo through the generations. But the worst thing is when you find yourself looking for a hankie to lick to wipe their faces clean :O

bicycle built for three.

We hadn’t been to Cockington Green for a while so we took a quick trip to Canberra last week to hang out with Daddy and take in the sites (again).

Hugo walked into the “holiday house” (serviced apartment) and exclaimed in a voice of hushed awe “Mummy, it’s so CLEAN!” – “Clean compared to what?” – “Our house!”. Hmmmm …

Canberra, like Copenhagen, is nice and flat so bike riding is an achievable pastime. I thought, in the interests of research and practise, I’d hire a bike with a baby-trailer and see how we all went. So, Sophia hated her helmet and spent the whole hour crying and alternating between trying to pull her head off to get the helmet away, and trying to pull Hugo’s head off just to vent her general irritation at the world. Hugo spent the whole time huddled cowering in the corner, arms covering head in an attempt to ward off her flailing arms, half laughing and half crying.

It’s fair to say it wasn’t a raging success.


Hugo is four! His party went well, everyone had lots of fun (I hope!).


The last four years have passed so quickly.

fringe benefits

Sophia’s hair has just been getting too long in front to keep tidy and out of her eyes. Clips and elastics help for a little while but she generally pulls them out within a few minutes.

Hugo and Sophie, with matching clips (and yes, Hugo has a topknot in as well).

I finally had enough of scraping her hair out of her eyes and just grabbed a hank and chopped … it didn’t turn out as badly as my previous effort on Hugo.

Mildly mullet, but not *too* bad.


She loves me!

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